Choosing Paint Colors in Calgary

When you enter a house in Calgary with colorful walls, how do you feel? Do you feel comfortable or uneasy? Regardless of what you feel, color plays an important role in that feeling. It’s the reason we’re attracted to one product over another in a store. Color in fact, accounts for a large percentage of our response to a place. This is called color psychology. The effects of color are very subtle and many professional painting companies use this knowledge when designing your interior. The importance of color is underestimated but extremely important when designing your space. Wherever we go, our responses to color shape our feelings about a place. At Pristine Painting & Decorating, we can help you choose the right color for your home!

If you’re not sure where to begin, our experts can help! We’ve helped many homeowners with their interior design projects. Let’s go on your color adventure together!

Pristine Painting & Decorating’s Color Suggestions

To get started, think of your favorite color in the room you’d like to paint. It can be any object—a piece of furniture, an artwork, your rug, your curtains, anything! This color will serve as the main color or accent. When selecting a color, consider the mood of the room; for example, a bedroom is a great place for soft colors that evoke a quiet and restful mood. Keep in mind that soft colors like beige, eggshell, or light blue will give off comforting vibes while dramatic colors like red, yellow, or black will give off exciting energy. Be careful to not choose overly bright colors for a child’s bedroom though! According to color psychology, intensely bright rooms can lead to irritability.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Paint Colors

Natural daylight will show you the best color while various kinds of lighting will bring out different tones. Be sure to test the colors under different lighting to get the best feel. A bright hue might not be great for a room with big windows but might look great in a basement. It also helps to understand basic color terminology such as:

  • Hue value (how light or dark a color is),
  • Saturation (how dominant the color is),
  • And intensity (the shine of the color).

For an active space, it would be better to use a more intense color. Even if you want a chilled-out space, an intense hue contrasted with a light color can create the feeling of harmony within a room. Pristine Painting & Decorating can transform dull and flat walls with a simple pop of color or visual texture; for example, a faux gold finish would look great with dark brown wood furniture. Consider how the colors interact with each other. Also, when designing your space, keep in mind how the wall colors will flow with the rest of your home.

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You’ll be surprized by the difference a color choice can make in your residence. Contact Pristine Painting & Decorating today for a free estimate on our interior paint colors. Don’t settle for boring wall paint colors and add flair to your home with just a few easy steps!