Interior Painter in Calgary

Appearance is everything; if your interior walls are unsightly then it might be time to upgrade your residential home with a new paint job. Don’t settle for peeled, damaged and dull walls––Pristine Painting & Decorating can prep, setup, paint and cleanup––we do it all to give you the best results. Trust us for quick and efficient results. A new interior can brighten up your mood, increase the value of your property and create a truly beautiful living space.

Attractive walls bring out a beautiful interior, and an appealing interior can brighten your mood. With the help from our team, you can choose the right colors for your walls. You don’t need a full renovation, new furniture or any materials, we can provide you with the best interior painting services. We will repaint your walls and leave you in awe of just how great they look. Call us today to find out more!

Calgary’s Professional Painting Contractors

Our team of professional contractors can tackle any job whether big or small. We offer many interior painting services for a range of jobs, such as repainting several walls, updating your bathroom or painting the trims. We have the experience and the know-how to create the interior you dream of. Our licensed and trained painters will take the time to discuss with you what your vision is for your home renovations. We take pride in the work we do and will give you the walls you deserve. We will always listen to you and give you personalized attention.

Pristine Painting & Decorating proudly offers honest, comparable pricing so you are never surprised by the cost of our services. Before we begin, we will come out to your home for a consultation to learn all about your personal goals, your scheduling and budgetary needs. During a consultation we will give you the opportunity to view our suggested colors and techniques, but this is your project and your vision––the choice is all yours. We will also offer you a free, full-detailed estimate.

Pristine Painting & Decorating Interior Painting Services

We know color and we know how to perfectly finish any interior wall. Our interior painting services include:

  • Prep work
  • Full range of products and colours
  • Interior wall painting
  • Doors, trims and frames
  • Cabinet painting
  • Kitchen and bathroom painting
  • Ceiling painting
  • Garage and basement painting
  • Cleanup

Some other services we offer include, wallpaper removal and installation, textured and faux finishes, stucco and drywall repair.

It might be hard to choose a painting company that you can trust, but we assure you that we follow through on our word and stand by our estimates. We value integrity and respect our clients request and demands. You won’t find a more honest and efficient company than with us.

Our Residential Painters Help You Choose the Right Colors and Finishes

When you're ready to tackle a painting project in your home, it's important to select colors and finishes that complement your existing décor. When you’re having trouble settling on the right look for your interior, our local house painters can help you achieve the perfect products for any space in your home.

We'll work with you to choose colors to brighten up a room or create a more cohesive look throughout your home. We can also advise you on finishes that offer the most protection for different types of surfaces and withstand heavy use.

Whether you're looking for a glossy sheen or a matte finish, let our experts help you achieve incredible results.

You’ll Love Our Residential Painting Prices

At Pristine Painting & Decorating, we understand the importance of maintaining a beautiful and inviting home without putting a big dent in your finances. That's why we’re proud to offer affordable prices for our exceptional residential painting services.

Whether you're looking to refresh a single room or give your entire home a stunning makeover, we strive to provide competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our work. You don’t have to take our word for it—we encourage you to contact us to discuss your color application goals and receive an upfront estimate on your painting project.

Our Interior House Painters Use Professional Equipment

Specific tools and equipment are required to achieve a flawless interior paint job. Investing in all the necessary supplies can feel like a waste if you only use them once. One of the advantages of hiring our residential painting company is that we come equipped with everything required to make the job go smoothly.

Below is a list of what we use to complete the job successfully:

  • Ladders: To reach high ceilings or tight spaces, ladders are necessary.
  • Drop cloths: These protect flooring and furniture from paint drips and splatters.
  • Paintbrushes: A variety of paintbrushes will be needed depending on the size and detail of the project.
  • Rollers: These can be used for large, flat surfaces for a quicker paint application.
  • Paint trays: These are used to hold paint while it’s being applied to walls or other surfaces.
  • Painter's tape: This is used to create clean lines and edges along trim work or wall corners.

Do you have questions about the equipment, products, or techniques we’ll use to achieve your desired color application? We have answers. Phone us today for more information about our outstanding home painting services.

What Makes Our Residential Painting Company Stand Out?

We’re confident Pristine Painting & Decorating is the right choice for your next interior painting project for several reasons. The first is that we go above and beyond to take the time to listen to you and understand your vision for your home before starting any work. This important step helps us ensure we can deliver precisely what you’re looking for.

When preparing for the job, we source high-quality paints so your results will last longer and look better. We also take the time to prep your surfaces properly so the paint will go on smoothly and evenly. Another thing that makes us stand out among our competitors is that we always clean up after ourselves. When our work is done, you won't have to worry about a mess being left behind.

Call to Start Your Home Interior Painting Project

Ready to start the renovations of your dreams? Ready to give your walls a new look? Then call (403) 813-3334 today. Let us discuss how to makeover your interior. We guarantee you will love the results. We are passionate about our work and you will be glad you choose us for your interior painting needs.