Choosing Paint Colors in Chestermere

Once you’ve taken all the steps needed to start a residential painting job at your house you have to settle on the colors you want.  For some, this is an easy task.  Some people have a knack for home décor and have a vision they want to bring to fruition.  But for others choosing paint colors can be an overwhelming and indecisive affair.  There are tricks and tips that you can do to help you decide but none like Pristine Painting & Decorating can offer.

We are here with knowledge and all the painting ideas you could ever hope for. Even those with a vision may not be informed about the different types of paint and finishes that flood the market presently.  Like your walls when we’re done, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to discuss your painting ideas!

Pristine Painting & Decorating Knows What’s Hot in Interior Paint Colors

A lot goes in to the decision of color choices.  What vibe are you trying to have in the room?  Do you want the color to flow through the house or change room to room?  Does the room in question get a lot of natural light?  What is the main activity in the room? We don’t want a reading room too dark but we do want it cozy. We want a kitchen to be happy, but we don’t want color screaming from the wall.  We love neutrals, but we don’t love boring. 

We are overly familiar with color options from the best paint companies.  We can lead you to the color palette best suited to the mood you are describing.  We know what was popular five years ago and ten years ago. We know what’s popular now and the forecasted ‘it’ colors for upcoming seasons. We can tell you what kitchen paint colors will work best with your furnishings. We can advise on bathroom paint colors that help create the spa vibe so broadly sought after.  We can help bring your interior paint ideas to life. Call us today and we can suggest some you may not have thought of!

Pristine Painting & Decorating’s Exterior Paint Color Ideas

The real estate market has never seen such a spotlight on curb appeal as it has in recent years.  Your home’s exterior can look current and modern in the tones designers are calling most impactful amongst buyers. Dark colors for drama exude classic style that is still up-to-date. Vibrant colors for personality and interest express a happy home.

Sometimes a newly coated front door is all that’s needed to punch up the look of the house or a full revamp of the door, garage door, window shutter, fence and deck are in the budget.  Other times, it’s the siding or stone and brickwork that needs refreshing.  We can help you design the house of your dreams.  The right colors and finishes can make your house stand out on your block, or blend in nicely with the neighborhood’s overall style. 

Call Today for Your Chestermere Home’s Wall Painting Ideas

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