Deck Staining in Chestermere

Expert Deck Refinishing By Pristine Painting & Decorating

Our decks have become the spot for outdoor living as we seek to expand your space without building on to your house.  A gorgeous deck is the base needed to do justice to that swank outdoor furniture and barbecue. Aside from the stunning aesthetics, there is the longevity of the wood to consider. A newly built wood deck needs treatment to survive the elements outdoors.  Without it the deck you invested in will warp, rot, and host insects and mold.  An older wood deck can be renewed with proper sanding, sealing and staining—even deck paint can be applied. Call us today to discuss our deck refinishing options and pricing.

Deck Stain and Sealer for Your Outdoor Space

The issue is the back-breaking nature of applying deck stain and sealer. That’s where Pristine Painting & Decorating comes in. Wood deck stain is our bread and butter. During dry season we are out every day making your outdoor space beautiful and strong.

We are obsessed with preparation. We will strip, sand and re-sand until your wood grain is beautifully raw and exposed to drink up the best deck stains on the market. We will not skimp on the preparation of your wood. Applying anything on top of filthy wood or peeling paint is a waste of your money and time.  It won’t last.  We don’t do sub-par.

The Best Deck Stain in Chestermere

The biggest trend in deck refinishing right now is semi-transparent deck stain or clear sealer. Both show off wood’s natural beauty.

Semi-Transparent Deck Stain

Semi-transparent deck stain allows the wood to breathe, but the right amount must be used. Our professionals won’t leave you with a thick cloudy stain—which would defeat the purpose of going semi-transparent.

Oil-Based Stains

Oil based stains have natural resins that wood loves to drink up.  The result is a natural and rich finish.  Your deck will be beautiful, but they are more chemical in make-up.

Water-Based Stains

Water based stains are less hazardous to the environment because they are naturally mold resistant. Unfortunately, their result isn’t as impressive as oil based.

Deck Paint

Deck paint is another way to bring beauty to your wood.  If your deck is worn and weather damaged, the thickness of a coat of paint can hide accompanying cracks and gaps. A bright color or painting boards in alternate colors are fun ways to make the deck unique.  Deck paint is sun and water-resistant, preventing mold, mildew and wood rot. Careful though: it is slippery when wet.  Does it surprise you to find out that paint will outlast stains and sealers?  It’s true.

There is much to consider when choosing the right deck stain for your outdoor space. Call us! We will inform you and help you make the best choice for your deck.

Professional Painters for Deck Refinishing

Deck stain, sealer, treatment and paint—we do it all! Trust in our services, we are just a phone call away!