Exterior Brick Painting in Chestermere

Brick is one of the most common materials used in house construction, and has been for centuries. It is well-known that a house built with brick is a solid and safe home. Often times, because of age or changing tastes, brick can look unappealing to a homeowner. The color might be too dark or too heavy. The bricks might have a color pattern that’s outdated or mismatched. You might want your home to look fresh and clean. That starts with the look of your brick. Lighter shades of paint will make your home look larger and fresh. A fun color will make it stand out on the block. Match it to your siding or door paint to camouflage it in plain sight.

Painting exterior brick is the fastest way to give your home the refreshed look it might need. It’s a very popular trend in the real estate market, and an affordable way to make something old look new. With the right brick paint, you can turn your old look into something classic and timeless. That’s the curb appeal that pays dividends when its time to sell, or when you’ve just bought. You can never go wrong with a rich gray brick or a clean white. Contact us to discuss our brick paints and painting options.

Pristine Painting & Decorating Painted Brick Walls Are a Thing of Beauty and Quality

Did you know that failing to prepare the brick for a paint coat will destroy the project before it begins? We aren’t talking about hitting it with the hose. Your specific brick type needs to be treated the right way, at the very least with a power wash. It might take days to prep. The work required to prime, repair and wash bricks is best left to the professionals. Contact us at (403) 813-3334 and let us do the work for you.

Did you know its possible your exterior brick might need to be pointed before painting? The white substance on bricks is called ‘efflorescence’ and it needs to be removed before applying paint. In fact, painting the brick will help prevent this natural occurrence in the future. When you work with us you can rest assured that we know our brick.

Spray-Applied Paint for Your Exterior Brick House

Did you know that using the wrong brick paint and improper painting technique can ruin the look of your home’s exterior? Failing to prevent cracks and chips in the paint is an invitation for mold to set in or your brick to begin crumbling. When you choose to spray paint your exterior brick house, it is best to let the experts at Pristine Painting & Decorating handle the work and equipment.

Brick Paint Options for Your Home in Chestermere

A proper sealant is required in certain brick paints to protect your home’s exterior against weather factors. Heavy rains can damage both the paint and the brick.  Brick is porous, so it absorbs water. With the proper paint and sealer, your brick will be resistant to mold and degradation.

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Ready to transform the look of your house? Ready to go from a dated old house on the block to something that looks like a new build? So are we! Let’s update that exterior and up the value of your property. Call us today!