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Pristine Painting & Decorating For Residential Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coating is an ultimate flooring solution for the garage and any high traffic area in your home. Garages are definitely the area we apply the most epoxy flooring, but the benefits it provides are ideal for inside your home too. Epoxy coating leaves a concrete floor highly glossed for an unbelievably shiny look. It seals that floor from moisture. It won’t stain and is a breeze to clean. It increases the floor’s durability, making it virtually impossible to crack or break. No wonder Cochrane homeowners are all considering this flooring.

Floors with epoxy coating are seamless. This prevents dirt, crumbs and bacteria from sneaking into cracks between tiles or wood plank. Increase the cleanliness and safety of your home when you choose Pristine Painting & Decorating’s epoxy flooring. Call us today to discuss our options and pricing.

Cochrane Garage Floor Experts in Epoxy

During our tenure as the number one garage floor epoxy specialists we have seen many terrible garage floors. It’s an area often left for last on the renovation wish list despite it being such a potentially useful space.

Garage epoxy makes the garage an overall more usable room in your home. Call a member of our team to discuss what purpose you would like your garage to serve. Are you interested in installing a work bench or garbage and recycling area? Would you like to hang a punching bag, keep a second refrigerator or freezer, and store seasonal items? We can apply the best epoxy coating to ensure flat and smooth floors. Our epoxy provides other benefits, such as stain resistant from car grease or oil.

Benefits of Epoxy Basement Floor Paint

Another home reno project often left last is the the basement floor. The basement may not be the heart of the home, but it often has the largest unhindered floor space in the entire house. We understand that homeowners don’t want to spend a fortune for a room that is so far from view, but at the same time want a comfortable, finished room…not bare concrete. 

What luck to have a basic concrete floor! It’s time to call Pristine Painting & Decorating to come in and provide you with our incredibly affordable solution: epoxy basement floor paint!

A multitude of colors that will gleam and be a dream to clean are available, as are products that imitate stone.  Decorative epoxy is beautiful in a basement or anywhere that’s high traffic or needs impact in your home. Your kitchen, dining room and living room all stand to be beautified by epoxy while simplifying your life.  After all, if its resilient enough for anything your family and pets can throw at it! It is a durable floor coating that is practical for basements as it is stain free, scuff free and affordable.

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