House Painter in Chestermere

Pristine Painting & Decorating’s Excellence in Home Painting

Want to guarantee the difference between a good job and a great job? Hire professional painters for residential painting. Paying for the lowest caliber work on the market isn’t money well spent. Pristine Painting & Decorating is the Chestermere painting company to turn to when you want your home’s interior and exterior paint job to be done right—the first time. Let our team of seasoned pros come in and dazzle you with all the painting services we have to offer. Call (403) 813-3334 today to learn more!

Beautifying Chestermere One Home at a Time

House painters are not all cut from the same cloth. At Pristine Painting & Decorating we take pride in our work and in our city. Never sloppy or looking for corners to cut, our professional painters are dedicated to both interior and exterior spaces. We come prepared, on time and keep your property and space clean.

Inside your home the possibilities are endless. When it comes to renovations, we offer creative solutions to revamp older homes. A new coat of paint can make a striking difference in the most affordable way! The entire feel of your house will be renewed when you upgrade your color scheme or change the finish on the walls.  Make wall cleaning a breeze with highly washable eggshell paint. Increase shine with a high gloss selection. Keep it muted with matte if that suits your layout more. 

Painting Contractors Here to Assist with Home Painting

If you are unsure what best would work in each room, you can ask us. That’s what we’re here for! We do much more than merely apply paint. We can help guide you to choices that will make each room live up to its utmost efficiency and beauty. It’s our mission to give every bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and common space the right paint in the right color with the right finish. Your walls will complement your home more than ever before.

New builds reflect modern trends with our current color palettes for inside or outside the home. Imagine a bright blue or happy yellow front door to welcome guests and stand out on the block! Match the shutters and the trim and your curb appeal is through the roof (we can probably help with that too!). Backyards are more valuable than ever in Chestermere. It’s a great time to consider staining the deck and fence. These finishing touches will increase your home’s value and make your outdoor space more enjoyable.

Trust in the House Painting Specialists

Our customers are the heart of our work. The loyalty and good word of mouth from our trusted clients is our pride and joy. You trust in us and trust us with your home. We want to bring your dreams to life and make you say wow! We want your colors to pop and your home to be the jewel of the neighborhood. Can all that be achieved with some paint or stain? Absolutely! All that’s required is getting in touch with us. We await your call or email.