Drywall Repair in Cochrane

Before you begin to plan a paint job, consider Pristine Painting & Decorating for your drywall repair services. Our professionals will restore your walls with patchwork, so that your wall painting will be an impeccable long-lasting job.

Even the smallest crack can ruin a paint job. We can help you save money and time, by prepping your walls, and providing plaster repairs.

We’ll be patching holes in drywall to perfection because we have the best sheetrock repair team in Cochrane.  Call today for your free estimate.

Pristine Painting & Decorating’s Professionals in Plaster Repairs

We are Cochrane’s drywall contractors with the know-how and vast experience in all the products available in the industry. We can do a quick fix, or the standard full process based on your needs with our extensive inventory for drywall finishing.  That means there’s something for every dilemma and something for every budget.  Either way, Pristine Painting & Decorating’s work will be clean. Your damaged wall will be smooth and new again. We will treat your home with the utmost care and respect. We won’t leave your home covered in dust from sanded plaster.

Cochrane Experts at Fixing Holes in Drywall

We know that dings, cracks and holes aren’t only found on walls. Let our team handle that semi-smashed ceiling. No job is too challenging for us. We can fix your walls or ceilings efficiently and promptly. We come prepared to the site with all the equipment and materials needed for the job. We pride ourselves on avoiding delays, hidden fees and property damages. There will be no dust, drips or uneven strokes in your plaster repair.

Sit back and let our sheetrock repair supermen take care of it all.  Next time you look up at your ceiling you’ll see nothing, but a smooth surface and a job well done.

Our Drywall Contractors for Your Residential Projects

Want an idea of what the full repair experience looks like?  There are so many steps that are involved in our services from the preparation stage to completion. We guarantee to bring all required equipment and materials for the job. There are a lot of parts and pieces at play. We are fully equipped at all times.  Your project won’t be delayed because we need a run for materials. 

During a consultation with us, we will begin by taking measurements of the surface needed for repair. We handle all preparations, such as sanding, priming and painting and lastly, the cleanup.

Book a Consultation with the Leading Drywall Contractors

All it takes is a quick call to us to get your walls or ceilings on the road to recovery. We can save you time and money when you pick up the phone and call (403) 813-3334.

We are the right team for the job. Whatever your need; holes to panels or paint to sanding, our reliable and trustworthy contractors can restore your drywall.

Contact us for a free estimate or if you would like to discuss our options and pricing a member of our team will be happy to assist you.